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Here are some of the projects, fully-formed or otherwise, which I am involved with at the moment.

Will Bartlett's Jazz Songs of Philip Larkin

Watch this space!


Jon Shenoy's Draw by  Four

Draw by  Four completed a huge UK tour in 2017, playing his new suite 'Framework'.  everywhere from St. Ives to Aberdeen. This is a fabulous quartet with Jon on Tenor, Sam Dunn guitar, Chris Draper drums and me on Hammond organ. Our debut album Framework has just been released on Jellymould records, and we are playing lots more dates over the coming months, including playing after Dr. Lonnie Smith at Ronnie Scott's. Full details on the Gigs page, and at

Dunja Larova and the Hot Three

Celebrated solo Violinist and member of the John Wilson Orchestra Dunja Larova is joined by a jazz trio formed of Matt Skelton on Drums, Laurence Ungless on Bass and Myself on Piano, for a project described as 'The Peggy Lee of the Violin'. With Arrangements by Coiln Skinner, Dunja and me, and covering music from many genres, this is a wonderful project which I hope will take off this year:

Between Us

Kate Mullins (fabulous singer of Puppini Sisters fame) have finished recording our debut album 'Between Us. Lots more workshops, gigs, and an official album launch to come soon. Pre-release copies are available at gigs, and they will be available online soon!

I play piano for Albert's Big Band, the house big band for the Royal Albert Hall, for The Verdi Jazz nights at the Hall and for various private performances and educational events there. I have been described by some employees as the house pianist, of The Royal Albert Hall, a title I would like in writing.

Acrobat (Hammond organ trio) has taken a bit of a break, but our album is also on the way on F-ire records after a few months sitting in the can. Recorded at Wincraft studios, with Pat Davey Drums and Kristian Borring Guitar, it sounds amazing! April 2018 might see a gig or two - check the gigs page.

Last year, Sam Walker (Sax) and I recorded a duo album 'Ode to Life'. You can hear a track on the Audio page. At the moment CDs are available just at gigs/in person, but we will get it for sale online soon. We played a launch gig in the dark (as part of the theme of Light we explored whilst recording in the far north of Scotland) at last year's London Jazz festival, which was a fascinating experience for all involved. 

Gabriel Garrick, a musician with whom I have a long association, and I have been plotting a new quintet, featuring Martin Hathaway. The first gig with be at the Oval Tavern, Croydon, on May 29th.

Speaking of the Jazz Festival, Emilia Martensson and Atila Huseyin joined the Will Bartlett Orchestra for a concert in Hampstead. Everybody involved was blown away by the results. The combination of these two singers with stome of the best classical and jazz musicians in the UK was special indeed, and we hope to get things moving with some more gigs, and maybe a CD..

Here are a few of the other acts I associate with.

Jon Shenoy's 9 piece Lindyhop outfit:

Gabriel Garrick's Big Band, which has grown out of the band run by his late father Michael Garrick:

The aforementioned Puppini sisters:



































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